Euros - Greek deity, one of the winds – the East wind, strong, hurricane

So says the encyclopaedia...

When in 1991 we established this company, the idea was simple – we operate swiftly, professionally and we fight with our competitors like a hurricane.

Wind, air, breathing....

Do you think about every breath that you take? We want you to feel that cooperation with us is like breathing – essential and practically invisible. You only place an order – You will notice only if we are gone.

Just try our services and you will not want to go anywhere else.

We organize transport of cargo above 100 kg, with various types of trucks.

We are not afraid of challenge: we delivered a special brand of wine for Sophia Loren, when she was acting in a commercial for Malma S.A., or silver for the Italian mint.

We will not tempt you with the lowest price on the market. From our experience we know that exceptionally low prices are not followed by high quality, reliability and promptness of service. If a low price is a main criterion, we choose to withdraw our offer as we prefer to keep a good reputation of our company and not to inconvenience our potential customer.

The prices we offer are attractive and correspond with a current market situation. Thanks to this policy, we have been cooperating with many customers for over ten years.

Over the years of our activity we made a careful selection of carriers we cooperate with, as a result of which we can provide highest quality of service, confirmed by certificate ISO 9001:2000.

Among our customers are big international concerns, international forwarders, but also small family businesses. Our sales structure: 60% in export (foreign employers), 40% - Polish companies.

We are a holder of Civil Liability Insurance Policy of Forwarder at HESTIA INSURANCE S.A. for 500 000 EUR.

With the real pleasure we inform that our company met all the requirements defined by the Act on Road Transport and since 1 July 2006 we have been a holder of a transport licence required under this Act, licence no. 0106052. In practice it means that our invoices cannot be questioned by the Tax Offices.

We appreciate all comments on our work – we want to be the best!